Register an easy alias to your Bitcoin address. Share it with the world. Receive bitcoins.

BitAlias is a open protocol and a reference implementation where everybody can register a (user)name to a Bitcoin address. All on top of Bitcoin's blockchain. Censorship-free, decentralized and scarce.

On Bitcoin's Blockchain

All BitAliases are secured by Bitcoin's blockchain.

Fair Launch

When BitAlias launches, everybody can register their favorite alias.


Register your name for only 0.0001 BTC (about 5 US cents). The fee gets donated to Bitcoin's community!


By being able to transfer BitAliases in between Bitcoin addresses, a market place will appear.

True revolution for the usability of Bitcoin!

By knowing one simple alias payers can generate unlimited private and public addresses for any BitAlias user.

Examples and Features.

BitAliases are easy-to-remember, yet secure short-cuts for cryptographic Bitcoin addresses.



Don't worry about your alias getting seized.


BitAliases are a scarce ressource and can be traded.


BitAliases can be transfered and traded. Get your BitAlias early.

BitID Enabled

Log-in into third party services with your new Bitcoin username.

Shared Wallet Support

Multi-signature and P2SH addresses supported!


Optional stealth addresses let you accept Bitcoin privately.


Like Bitcoin.


BitAliases are as secure as bitcoins.

On-Chain Voting

All BitAlias-enabled addresses can participate in a bi-yearly vote on how much the registration fee will be for the future.

Support for Multiple Blockchains

No matter if you have BTC, LTC, DOGE or even colored coins, you will be able to receive them with your BitAlias.


.btc is an optional postfix - to make it clear that this is a BitAlias.


marc points to his personal Bitcoin address.


yanislav points to 1MAg54QsLPirAYjmBWu7E6RB4tGYAZEn2r


coindesk points to coindesk's Bitcoin address.


bitpay points to coindesk's Bitcoin address.

BitAlias has a fair price. All fees get donated.

You can register, renew and transfer aliases. All fees get burned. This means, whenever you register or renew a BitAlias you actually do a donation to the Bitcoin network.

Register Alias

0.0001 BTC
(~5 US cents)

  • Valid for one year

Transfer Alias


Renew Alias

0.0001 BTC/year
(~5 US cents)

BitAlias is searching for launch partners - get in touch!

Donate to the BitAlias Development Fund

BitAlias is a open-source, non-profit project and needs your donation.

Development fund address: 15yXLHu3AjoLLkhr1XB8WfqPXiwsgt4GuJ.
Every donation matters!

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